Hunting in Namibia

zdjecie dla Hunting in Namibia

Placed in the Southern - West part of African continent between South Africa, Botswana and Angola,  Namibia is the best country for your first safari. It does not mean that the animals are easy to be hunt there, but the perfect management of wild fauna offer a very large range and really good quality of animal.
The wild fauna management is considered as the main sources of national income. Namibia has wide hunting districts and by the way offers very good conditions to organize real African safari…with no problem!

Namibia is twice as big as Poland territory, with only 1,8 million of inhabitants. The farms are from 5 000 to almost 100 000 ha for the biggest ones.

White population, coming mostly from old German colonies, manage to combine economical interest hunting and Wild World protection. Moreover, this country is simply wonderful! “The lands of Namibia are enough to fell happy!”

Namibia has a large variety of lands. The oldest desert in the World - The Namib Desert, Climbing savannah, mountainous districts, glades, gullies surrounded by sharp edges, wild cirques and all of this completed by a rich flora variety, which is able to cover the needs of an also large fauna variety : Oryx, grand kudu, springbok, blesbok, zebra Hartmana, gnu, hartebeest, steenbok, eland, impala, waterbuck, giraffe, jackal, warthog, baboon and even leopard i cheetah ( if you are lucky )...

Our hunting districts are placed 90 km southern-east from the capital city. We offer high standard accommodation (living room, office, two rooms and bathroom)
The hunting districts are from 20 000  up to 50 000 ha, and situated not far from accommodation. René, our host, who took the farm after his father and his grandfather (30 000 ha), knows the local farmers there and has a lot of agreements with local hunters and farmers in this district. He will be able then to propose you hunting games in every districts, with a great chance for bringing back a nice trophy.

Hunting in Namibia is approach hunt. That means many hours of observing walking group of animals, marching in bush in order to choose the best trophy…

During your stay, manage to get time for a visit to the coast, see the charming town Sfakopmund, visit the desert of Kalahari with its sand coming up right to the ocean where seals and otari are sunbathing, pelicans and flamingos are fishing pink shrimps… People interested in Nature and flora will get the chance to see the oldest plant on the earth (Velvetia mirabilis)…

zdjecie dla Hunting in Namibia
Aviable animals:The period of hun
Blesbok 1/3 - 30/11
Bringled Gnu 1/3 - 30/11
Duiker 1/3 - 30/11
Eland 1/3 - 30/11
Cheetah 1/3 - 30/11
Hartebeest 1/3 - 30/11
Impala 1/3 - 30/11
Cudu 1/3 - 30/11
Leopard 1/3 - 30/11
Oryx 1/3 - 30/11
Baboon 1/3 - 30/11
Springbok 1/3 - 30/11
Steenbok 1/3 - 30/11
Jackal 1/3 - 30/11
Warthog 1/3 - 30/11
Waterbock 1/3 - 30/11
Mountainous Zebra 1/3 - 30/11
Plane Zebra 1/3 - 30/11
Giraffe 1/3 - 30/11

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