Hunting in England

zdjecie dla Hunting in England

The most popular hunting  is the pigeon hunting. It is not rare to finish a hunting day with a 300 pigeons trophy !
The hunting district is at a few hours driving from Dover, and easily accessible with your own car. These conditions allow you to plan a hunting weekend in England very quickly. Local hunters and guards will prepare everything (hides…) for you so you can start hunting while arriving on site.
Hunting is starting generally around 9 am and ends at 5PM depending on the meteorological condition. You will have to  show that you are strong enough to shoot about 300 cartridges a day !
Season is starting at the beginning of March, with  the sowing of heat and green peas which are the favourite food of pigeons. June and July are also nice period for this hunting, and end of July and August offer hunting in the stubble after harvest.
In Scotland, hunting territories have more complicated access possibilities, but they are absolutely beautiful and it will force your admiration !
Landscape is so amazing, and the animal density is so high that we can easily name this hunting “royal” hunting !
you can also have other small game of hunt : rabbits, ducks, geese, pheasants, partridges and Woodcocks. Big game hunting is also possible ( roe buck, deer, skier …). Trophies will not be exceptional as mountain deer is not that big , but deer hunting  is an authentic, sport and difficult hunting. This will give you unforgettable  moments and you will remember for a while you met a Scottish deer

zdjecie dla Hunting in England
Aviable animals:The period of hun
Pigeon 1/3 - 15/9
Roe buck 1/4 - 31/12

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