Hunting in South Africa

zdjecie dla Hunting in South Africa

Paradise of small game animals.
For most of us, South Africa is associated with big game hunting.
Despite the fact that the country is famous for its diversity of large animals( from the springbok, giraffe, up to the elephant), we often forget that this is a country rich in meadows, cultivated fields, which give  a real paradise for a lot of small animals. They are millions of pigeons and doves, causing heavy losses in sunflower and walnuts agriculture. You can meet also there  pheasants, partridges, ducks, geese or hares
The period of small game hunting begins 1stof  March and ends  June 15th. Hunting areas are situated in the south of Johannesburg in cities, near Freestate  and the cities of Welkom & Bloemfontein.
Typical day :
6 AM : waking up and transfer to hunting zone.
9.30 AM : Breakfast in the Lodge
11.30 AM : transfer on pigeaon hunting zone.
5 PM End of pigeon hunting game
8 PM : Dinner in the Lodge.

zdjecie dla Hunting in South Africa

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