Hunting in Rumania

zdjecie dla Hunting in Rumania

Romania is a dream country for hunters. You’ll find there wild mountain territories which allow to practice approach hunting on prestigious big animals: roebuck, stags, bear, wolf

Once in Bucharest, your guide-interpreter will pick you up at the airport. You will travel 3 hours to the northwest, in direction of Transylvania, into the southern Carpathian Mountains.
Hunting guides from this region will warmly welcome you in their premises, and you will have to prepare for your first hunting exit very early the next morning!

Roebuck hunting is an approach hunting which start very early in the morning. You will have unique occasion to see really amazing trophies.
Trophy fees are the same for all trophies up to 300g. But if you are patient enough, you can surely get a 400-500 g trophy.

Stags can also offer you a very nice trophy. Less than 7 kilos trophy are even not considered in this region!

Bears hunting could be a very attractive hunting games if you wish. You will probably have more than one occasion to meet this animal during your stay. Seeing a bear during hunting game is really giving you a kick. It will be so exciting that you will have to concentrate and dominate your excitement to ensure your shot!

Wolf is giving other sensation during hunting games, as it is a more fine and delicate hunting. Before your arrival, guides will prepare stalking and hides to increase the chance of success. Remember anyway, that wolf is a very clever and instinctive animal, so you may not meet a wolf at all…. or wolf can appear suddenly out of nowhere!

You will need:
Your passport, official invitation for the hunting game, the European weapon card and a civil liability insurance (required in Romania)

zdjecie dla Hunting in Rumania
Aviable animals:The period of hun
Wild boar 1/8 - 31/1
Grouse 1/4 - 15/5
Stag 1/9 - 15/2
Hind 1/9 - 15/2
Chamois 15/9 - 15/12
Bear 12/9 - 31/12
Roe Doe, Kid 1/9 - 15/1
Roe buck 15/5 - 15/10
Wolf 18/9 - 31/3
Hare 1/11 - 31/1

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