Hunting in Poland

zdjecie dla Hunting in Poland Poland is a family country of Maika, it is rich because of its hunting traditions especially when it comes to the individual hunt. Visiting Poland you can learn really much from Polish forest guides!!
There are of course also big games organized for 12- 15 hunters as well as mixed when the hunters hunt individually in the morning and in the afternoon they take pert in the driven hunt.
Polish hospitality is well known all over the world. The reception in the hunting district, at forester’s house or hotel is always very warm and friendly. Polish cuisine is delicious! Polish hunters are happy that they can share their hunting passion with their guests.
In the spring before the corn rises there is time for roebucks and it is real pleasure as the visibility is great.
The hunt starts at the sunrise, the hunters with their guides are on the high seats at 4 a.m. The evening exit finishes around 10p.m. The evening does not finish though as you can go in the night for a wild boar. One you can be sure. There is not too much sleep.
Great time for big trophies is rutting time of roebuck, at the end of July and the beginning of August. In September there are many hunters coming with their dogs to hunt for partridge as well as some coming for rut of stags is wonderful time to observe and select great trophies (imitating of stags’ voices is a usual speciality of Polish hunters). At the beginning of October the big game of hunt starts! Some of hunters believe that the best time is to come at the beginning as there are still many animals in the district. Although the visibility is poor as there are many leaves still and the wild boars presence is tied with the harvest of corn which ususlly is in November. Snow and great views of wild boars running through the snowy forest remain in memory for long time. The hunt starts at sunrise, there are 7 to 12 drives taken during the day. There is of course a short break at midday to eat warm meal and warm up by the bonfire.
Big games of hunt finish in the middle of January but you can still come for an individual hunt for red deer or wild boar. One very interesting hunt is also for non-trophy animals such as hinds or roe does – stalking is as interesting as the one for roebuck and the prices are much lower. The only month that a hunter is not allowed to hunt for big animals is March, it is though very good time to think of any other continent….
zdjecie dla Hunting in Poland
Aviable animals:The period of hun
Pheasant male 1/10 - 28/2
Pheasant female 1/10 - 31/1
Badger 1/9 - 30/11
Fallow deer 1/10 - 31/1
Fallow deer, Hind, Calf 1/10 - 15/1
Sow 15/8 - 15/1
Wild boar 1/4 - 28/2
Wild goose 1/9 - 21/12
Wild duck 15/8 - 21/12
Wood pigeon 15/8 - 30/11
Stag 21/8 - 28/2
Calf 1/10 - 28/2
Hind 1/10 - 15/1
Raccoon dog 1/8 - 31/3
Kuna 1/9 - 30/11
Partridge 11/9 - 21/10
Fox 1/6 - 31/3
Muflon 1/10 - 28/2
Roe Doe, Kid 1/10 - 15/1
Roe buck 11/5 - 30/9
Woodcock 1/9 - 21/12
Hare 1/11 - 31/12

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