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Hunting in Poland

Poland is a family country of Maika, it is rich because of its hunting traditions especially when it comes to the individual hunt. Visiting Poland you can learn really much from Polish forest guides!!
There are of course also big games organized for 12- 15 hunters as well as mixed when the hunters hunt individually in the morning and in the afternoon they take pert in the driven hunt.
Polish hospitality is well known all over the world. The reception in the hunting district, at forester’s house or hotel is always very warm and friendly. Polish cuisine is delicious! Polish hunters are happy that they can share their hunting passion with their guests.

Hunting in Rumania

Romania is a dream country for hunters. You’ll find there wild mountain territories which allow to practice approach hunting on prestigious big animals: roebuck, stags, bear, wolf
Once in Bucharest, your guide-interpreter will pick you up at the airport. You will travel 3 hours to the northwest, in direction of Transylvania, into the southern Carpathian Mountains.
Hunting guides from this region will warmly welcome you in their premises, and you will have to prepare for your first hunting exit very early the next morning!

Hunting in England

The most popular hunting is the pigeon hunting. It is not rare to finish a hunting day with a 300 pigeons trophy !
The hunting district is at a few hours driving from Dover, and easily accessible with your own car. These conditions allow you to plan a hunting weekend in England very quickly. Local hunters and guards will prepare everything (hides…) for you so you can start hunting while arriving on site.
Hunting is starting generally around 9 am and ends at 5PM depending on the meteorological condition. [...]

Wedkarstwo muchowe nad Dunajcem

Dunajec , rzeka w poludniowej Polsce, znana jest przede wszystkim ze wspanialych pstragów, lipieni i glowacic. Jest to rzeka górska, jej szerokosc waha sie od 40 do 80m. Za poczatkowy odcinek uwaza sie Czarny Dunajec na Slowacji. Rzeka Dunajec ma 247 km, z czego 18 km liczy odcinek graniczny miedzy Polska a Slowacja. Lowisko specjalne OS Dunajec zostalo utworzone w 2007 roku i obejmuje odcinek rzeki Dunajec od potoku Krosniczanka do ujscia potoku Ochotnica, lacznie 11 km. [...]

Hunting in Mozambique

Mozambique is a country of southeastern Africa, bordered by the Indian Ocean and Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa.
Mozambique has a tropical climate with a wet season lasting from October to March and a dry season from April to September.

Hunting in Namibia

Placed in the Southern - West part of African continent between South Africa, Botswana and Angola, Namibia is the best country for your first safari. It does not mean that the animals are easy to be hunt there, but the perfect management of wild fauna offer a very large range and really good quality of animal.
The wild fauna management is considered as the main sources of national income. Namibia has wide hunting districts and by the way offers very good conditions to organize real African safari…with no problem! [...]

Hunting in Morocco

Arriving at the Agadir’s airport. The people of Morocco have respect for hunter tourist. The hunter is received with a great sense of hospitality and the settlement of all customs formalities takes very little time.
The hotel is located only 30km from the airport. The package includes: all inclusive, use of swimming pool and stay in a very spacious, air-conditioned room with a view on the ocean. [...]

Hunting in South Africa

Paradise of small game animals.
For most of us, South Africa is associated with big game hunting.
Despite the fact that the country is famous for its diversity of large animals( from the springbok, giraffe, up to the elephant), we often forget that this is a country rich in meadows, cultivated fields, which give a real paradise for a lot of small animals. They are millions of pigeons and doves, causing heavy losses in sunflower and walnuts agriculture. You can meet also there pheasants, partridges, ducks, geese or hares [...]


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