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Dear hunting lovers,

Welcome to the new version of our website, which we hope will encourage you to travel with us.
„Your dreams come true” it is our motto.  We do our utmost to help you live your dreams during your stay with us.  Our diary is full of many glowing testimonials of our guests and clients.

Please take a look at our image gallery. You will find a collection of interesting hunts and memories from hunting in Poland, Romania, Namibia, Mozambique, England and very soon in Iceland.
Prior to every expedition we carefully plan all details. We want our hunters to experience comfortable hunting trips and not unpleasant surprises.  Our thorough understanding of our customers wishes and expectations before each hunting enables us to offer a customized hunting experience.

Our price range is varied and caters for almost any budget.  Unfortunately, because „cheap” trips bring a greater risk of disappointment, we do not necessary book the cheapest hunting areas.
We are very proud to have friends and regular hunters who have been coming to hunt with us for over the past 17 years.  Our regular hunters recommend us to their friends who then share their experience with their friends. It is our strongest advertising tool!

Majka Utrata Fievez, has been running the travel agency specializing in hunting trips since 1995. She is an experienced hunter herself, and thoroughly checks each hunting area before we offer it to our hunters. She is passionate about providing an unforgettable experience and the best value for money to all our hunters.

Let us know your hunting dreams. We can make them to come true.


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